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Safe and Secure

The safety of the children is paramount and at our Pre-School we have ensured that this is of the upmost importance. Access into the building is monitored by our receptionists they meet and greet everyone who wants to access the building and can control the security door restricting access if needs be. Once in The Children's Centre access into Pre-School is controlled through another security door only operated by the staff team.
Ensuring the safety of your child we will ask on registering your place to inform us in writting if anyone different from yourselves is allowed to pick up your child. You will need to supply us with a password that is only known to you, us and the person collecting your child, this ensures that on arrival we know this is the correct person. If there are any doubts we will not release your child and will contact you for verification. A child will only be allowed to go with someone else providing a parent/guardian has informed us of this prior to them arriving to collect the child.