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Food and Drink

At our Pre-School we believe that a healthy balanced diet is as important as an engaging, stimulating environment. Therefore, we were very careful in selecting a food provider that shares our ethos.

Hot lunches are provided via Surrey county council and cooked on Furzefield school site daily 
Children that claim the Free Early Education have the option of providing their own packed lunch or paying £2.50  per day for us to provide a hot lunch. This is a legal requirement that we must fulfill. Children that can't access the Free Early Education will be provided with a cooked meal and this is included within the cost of their Pre-School fees. 
At our Pre-School we operate a snack bar system allowing the children access to a drink of water or milk and a piece of fruit throughout their day, this system ensures that we are not interupting their learning by having a set snack time and enables children to be able to satisfy their hunger or thirst when they need to.
The children often take part in cooking activities from fruit smoothies to cakes and from homemade pizza's to fruit salad and making their own picnic lunch. Allowing the children to get involved, touch, taste and smell the ingredients helps them to learn about eating a balanced diet, introduces the key elements of a healthy lifestyle and get excited about wholesome foods.