0-19 Public Health Nursing Team (Health Visitors)

Who are the 0-19 Team?

Each team consists of Health VisitorsSchool NursesCAMHS Community NursesStaff NursesCommunity Nursery Nurses and Admin Support Workers. We work with all families, children and young people offering advice and information to support the health, development and well being of children and their families. Further services are offered where there are additional needs, and we play a major role in safeguarding children. We offer early intervention, universal immunisation and screening programmes in a variety of settings including Child Health Clinics, homes and schools. 


Here at the Red Oak we run the Child Health Drop In Clinic on Thursday afternoons from 12.30- 2.15pm. We also hold developmental checks at the Centre and work with the Red Oak Team facilitating courses such as the HENRY course (Health Exercise Nutrition in the Really Young)