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Outreach Workers

Who are Outreach Workers?

  • They work as part of the Children’s Centre team
  • They have experience of working with families and young children through a variety of backgrounds and training
  • They are qualified and have undergone ‘police checks’
  • They have up to date information about the range of family support services and activities in the area
  • They understand that all parents/carers need support and advice with concerns that arise in day-to-day family life

What support do Outreach Workers offer?

You know your child best and like all parent/carers you want what is best for your child, we do not have all the answers, but we can help you find them by:

  • Offering support and advice on parenting, local activities and services through home visiting and groups
  • Offering a listening ear
  • Meeting with you face to face at home, or at your local Children’s Centre, or a place that suits you

Outreach workers also provide support, resources and advice around a range of issues, including:

  • Finding local groups for you and your child to attend 
  • Positive parenting and managing your child’s behaviour, boundary setting, child development
  • Financial difficulties/worries
  • Support around transition points i.e: birth, settling into pre-school, school
  • Support for parents wishing to return to education, employment or training
  • Working with parents/carers to manage their own well-being and to build their confidence

How do I arrange to meet my Outreach Worker?

Parents and carers can refer themselves for family support by:

What will happen next?

  • We will arrange the first meeting either in your home, the Children’s Centre or a place that suits you. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and together we will identify how best we can support you. 
  • We aim for our one to one work with you to be short term (generally around 6 visits) however ongoing support is available through the Children’s Centre groups and activities. 
  • If we feel that you require more specific support we are able to offer signposting and refer to other agencies e.g. Relate, HomeStart etc